All of our classes are 1-hour in length and BURN 800-1000 CALORIES PER CLASS! Get both cardio and resistance training at the same time. The equipment requirements are simple: heavy bags, gloves, timer, music and friends. You'll get a workout that doesn't miss a spot: a 1,000-calories-an-hour cardio bomb and a superb all-body toner that builds shoulders and forearms and works legs, hips, abs, upper back, triceps, biceps and lats.

The concept is unique in that it teaches proper punching and kicking form and basic kickboxing techniques while offering a full-body workout. Classes are taught in a group setting to boost participation and intensity, and they are scheduled at convenient times.


The usual workout consists up to 15-20 minutes of warm up and stretching. For the second part of the workout, the instructor will tell you to get your gloves on and will start calling out combinations to throw to the bag. Typically, you will do six (3) minute rounds to the bag. The workout will finish up with ab work, some circuit training, and a cool down with stretching.