Adrian A, Co-Owner

Coach Adrian has practiced martial arts for over 40 years. He has trained in many martial arts systems from traditional martial arts to sport karate. In the last 21 years, under the tutelage of the legendary Sifu Ralph Mitchell, Coach Adrain has focused his study on Mitchell’s Universal Defense System, finding this art to be the most integrated and synergistic approach he has ever experienced. Coach Adrian is the 4th Jook Lum Disciple of Southern Praying Mantis and a full Instructor under Sifu Mitchell. Coach Adrian was fortunate to be able to participate in UDS fight camps of past and present MMA stars and professional boxers, where this integration was applied.


Eric E, Owner of Top Notch Sports and Fitness

Eric Erusiafe is the CEO and founder of Top Notch Sports and Fitness. He has long-term experience in the world of fitness through personal workouts, boot camps and training clients. Mr. Erusisafe’s qualifications include working with big name corporations such as Google and Amazon doing IT (Information Technology) work, and a background in customer service and accounting. He also has a large network and strong client following.


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